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Friday, November 18, 2016

A Love One Has Passed and I am Grateful

A Love One Has Passed and I am Grateful


A love one has passed and I am grateful this is my mother she passed away Nov. 17 and for that I'm grateful.
To hear me say that might see a bit strange but please let me finish. Mom had dementia very bad. She didn't even remember me her only child. Her body was wearing down and it was so sad. 

This was bad enough but recently they had said she had a rare form of cancer in her saliva glands. It was so rare they could not even tell us if operation or chemo would even help.

We elected to not have her operated on as it turns out I'm glad that we didn't because she didn't last long after the huge knot came up on her jaw.

Why I am grateful is I have lost several family members and friends to cancer and it's horrible. I lay awake nights crying thinking of my mom in that horrible pain. 

My prayer to God was to not save her but to take her peacefully rather than racked with pain. 

When the call came in at 5 am that morning the nurse told me she had went peacefully in her sleep.

No one can tell me God does not exist or answer prayers and for that I'm grateful. 


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