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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving: The Pre Black Friday Past Time

Thanksgiving: The Pre-Black Friday Past Time

I remember a time when Thanksgiving was just that, "The giving of thanks" We went to Grandma's house for Thanksgiving had a feast like I've never seen since she passed. We were with our family and was so thankful we were all there together. There were times it was crowded in the little country home but it was with our family and the thought of going to town and camping out in front a store to buy the latest do-dads never entered our minds. 
Anymore it kind of seems like Thanksgiving is just the prequel to madhouse shopping day. I saw people on the News all set up in front of a major department store one Tuesday!
Funny we all camped out in Grandma's kitchen waiting for the wonderful meal that her and the family had cooked.
Think more about the thankfulness and less about the latest phones, Televisions and what ever else you might be camping out or getting up at the crack of dawn to go and buy.
Blessing to you and your family, may you better the lives of all those meet along your way.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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