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Saturday, April 14, 2018

It All Starts Somewhere But Where Does It End?

It All Starts Somewhere But Where Does It End?

It all starts somewhere. Faith is not a given when we are born. It's something we are taught either by going to church, family or friends. The thing about faith it is the strongest weak word ever known. Faith is something which can be strong one moment and totally torn apart the next. 

I was watching ID TV (a show about real crimes) for those that don't watch. There was a girl came up missing; the mother had been praying and praying she would come home safe. Unfourintatly it didn't end up well. These are the types of instances I am talking about. In one tiny moment, a person might lose a lifetime of faith. How then do we keep that faith when things are at best ify?  

First, you have to accept that bad things are going to happen in life, not all prayers will be answered the way you want and that God is in complete control good or bad. When bad things happen, know that God has not abandoned you. Through your faith in him, he will strengthen you. I know this because I have lived it and I have seen it happen to others over and over again. If you ever start to question your faith grab onto it ask God to show you the way and he will. 

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