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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Maybe We Should Not Tease Children About Puppy Love

Maybe We Should Not Tease Children About Puppy Love

These four got me to thinking about puppy love. You know when our children get their first love we kind of tell them oh it's only puppy love it will pass. (Right?) But if you think about it there is no greater love than a puppy or dogs love for you. They take what you give them and love you for it. They even on a bad day when you are at your worst love you anyway. What they have is a pure unconditional love for you, they would do anything for you. Now you tell me what parent doesn't want the significant other in their children's lives to be that way toward their child?

I have heard people wonder if there is a doggie heaven. I don't doubt that at all because I think God rewards love, all love. He made the animals just as he did us and I think all pure love is rewarded highly. So maybe we should teach our children about the love of a puppy and not discourage it. Maybe then they will know what to look for in a partner.      
This is Pebbles
Pebbles is a tiny toy Rat Terrier and she is about 13/14 years old. There are times when she can't get around as fast as she would like but every day when I tell her Daddy's home she rips out that door on her way to see him and greet him. She's the granny around here and loves trying to keep the others in line all 2 pounds of her! 
This is Sissy she's about 12 years old
Sissy is a Chinese Pug, she is the most even-tempered animal on 4 or 2 legs I've ever seen. She's the watcher she lays on the couch and watches for Daddy to come home then she spreads the word that he is here and they all run to meet him. The barking could raise the dead!

This is Sandy she is 11 1/2 years old
Sandy is my dog but lives with my son she and he says she's his dog now. She was mine but smelled fried chicken coming from his mobile home one day and she went over a 6 foot plus chain link fence to get to it. She adores him. She is the most awesome dog
This is Cinnamon she is almost ONE!
She is all American born of a  traveling sales-dad, but she looks like a King Charles Spaniel she is very spoiled, loved and adored by all. I am pretty sure thinks she is royalty but only because she's treated that way. 

May you always love others in the pureness of a puppy-love and bless all the lives you touch.

Susan Boston

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