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Monday, June 18, 2018

Give Hope Where There Is None

Give Hope Where There Is None
You must give hope where there is none, sadly in the world today there are many people that feel there is no hope. The peaking of the suicide rates we see almost daily now is a testament to our world's hopelessness. 

I am here to tell you there is always hope and you should never give up on it. With that being said I also know that if someone is suffering from depression those words mean next to nothing. The reason is that many times the depression is not just one of those things where you feel down for a while then get alright. Many times it's a chemical deficiency in the brain. This is something you can't just get over, you need medical help. 

More important for you to know is after you get that medical help you need to stay on that medication. Most of the time if you are taking something for depression and just decide you don't need it anymore and stop, you revert back to the depressed state very fast and fall deeper into it than before you started the medicine. 

I understand how hard this first step is for you to reach out and seek help. I've suffered for many years since my early 20's with it and somewhat as a teen. You feel different, you feel no one can possibly understand what you are going through. You get afraid that someone is going to stereotype you or think you are some sort of freak. You are not a freak you just need some help get it don't be ashamed just OWN it.

Get help here:
Do it now.

Bless all the lives you touch,

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