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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Impossible Things Are Possible With God

Impossible Things Are Possible With God

Impossible things are possible with God. Many times we call these impossible things luck when they happen.  Isn't it strange when something we perceive as impossible happens we believe in luck but many of those people that believe in luck don't believe in God or they might believe there is a God but not so sure he could do things like Part the Red Sea, bring people back to life or in Immaculate Conception of a child. 

There is nothing that is impossible where God is concerned. I realize that we do get thrown for loops when we pray for something and it doesn't materialize. When this happens there are reasons for it in God's eyes. His eyes are what counts not ours because he can see all, knows all and we cannot and do not. When you pray do so in God's will not your own. This tends to release in you the knowledge that he knows what is best for you. This way you turn total control over to him as it should be.

Bless you and your family,
May you bless all those lives you touch,

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