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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

How to Know When a Bully Loses The War

How to Know When a Bully Loses The War 

Many people don't know this but I work from home and was checking out some training videos. I ran across a life story of a man that broke my heart. I have known this man online for many many years and knew some of the trials he had been through but what he shared was both heartbreaking and enlightening at the same time.  

Due to some major medical issues, he was born way too early. He was like a pound or less when he was born. They didn't think he would make it. He did live and that was his first trial. You would think after that one the worst would be over, however, he ended up naturally being way small for his age and the kids teased him, bullied him, beat him up and called him names. This just broke my heart. I was one of those kids that always took up for the underdog (as my mom) use to put it. 

Anyway, this guy overcame it all. He could have just given up and let the world whip him but he didn't, what he did do was go on to lifting weights then winning competitions in bodybuilding even with lingering medical problems. His why came when he saw a bodybuilder on a beach and knew if he looked like that they would not bully him anymore. Fast forwarding to our conclusion... Not only is he an acclaimed bodybuilder and a black belt. He is well-known as a successful online business owner.  I have been blessed to be connected with him and his crew for some time. 

He used the knowledge he could overcome anything if he believed he could, for with God all things are possible. He also learned what keeps most people from making the life they want is they are to busy comparing what they have to what they want, then get depressed and start feeling what they want is too far away. This way of thinking causes them to give up and quit. However, when they compare what they have now to what they had before or what they use to be compared to what they are now they actually find they have done tremendous things in life and it will only grow more so tomorrow. 

Help those that have been or are being pounded into the ground physically or mentally for, in fact, you are your brother's keeper.

Bless you and all the lives you will touch, may you help those that cannot help themselves and be the champion of those too small, weak or afraid to protect themselves.

Susan Boston

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