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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Sunday's Thought Church vs. Movies

Sunday's Thought Church vs. Movies

Going to movies is so much fun. We go to the movies get our tickets, grab popcorn, sodas and everything we need to enjoy the movie. Then for the next two hours, we watch with total attention to the screen before us without dozing off, looking around to see who all was a good Christian this week, or who is wearing what. If the movie is one of the more popular ones you can bet that something is blowing up, someone is naked or someone is getting shot! We listen carefully to what all is being said because we don't want to miss any part of the plot right? 

We listen to the cussing, yelling and screams of pain and terror many times with our legs crossed because let's face it who wants to go the bathroom and miss something!

Yet how many times at church have you seen someone drift off to sleep? (Probably because they were out late watching a movie) 😁 Not only that but if you ask someone about a movie they have seen; they can tell you every scene and what was said. Ask them what the sermon was about and what do you get? You get, "Well there was a lot about God." 

We can sit for 2 hours or maybe more at the movies with pinpoint attention yet at church we squirm around in our seats, look at our watches thinking why is the preacher running 10 minutes late? Doesn't he know there's a ballgame on and I'm starving and want lunch?

Maybe if the Church had a violence, sexual situations and nudity warning maybe we would be more interested.

Ya think? 😏

Blessings to you and your family, may you bless all the lives you touch.


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