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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Getting Married? You're Saying, "I DO"? Really?

Getting Married? You're Saying, "I Do"? Really? 

Are you getting married, ready to walk down that aisle? You are in that beautiful dress, he's in a magnificent suit, all eyes are on you two, IT'S YOUR DAY! You arrive at end of your graceful walk looking into the perfect man's loving eyes. He's looking back and both of you are filled with anticipation of happily-ever-after.
That person that you are looking at burbs, breaks wind, snores, complains doing everything in their power to get under your skin and eventually drives you MAD! It's at this point you find out what real love is because if you can look at that person now the way you did at that alter it is indeed true love. If you start to Google a number for a divorce lawyer maybe NOT! 😉          

Bless you and all those lives you touch,
Susan Boston

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