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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Is There Hope?

There is Hope!

I would like to thank Mark Edward Smith for the use of his beautiful voice and video.

All you need is faith in God and belief in his goodness. Evil is in the world, as is good and they both come in every shape, form, color, religion and from all walks of life. 

God is our father, creator, salvation, and our path to total freedom. He is our breath, our soul, he is our very life for without him we could not exist. You don't have to believe in him because he believes in us.

Share your love and kindness, place upon humanity the honor of accepting and loving your fellow man. If you must hate something then hate evil not each other. 

May God Bless you, and in return may you share that blessing with all the lives you touch every day.  

Susan Boston

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