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Monday, October 1, 2018

The Intention of a Pure Heart Requires No Second Thoughts

The Intention of a Pure Heart Requires No Second Thoughts

The intention of a pure heart is when you give of your time or money to someone or something freely. When you give money to some of the causes that are out there do you ever wonder if they are legit? Do you ever wonder if those causes even see the money? If you do that's the wrong attitude. I'm not saying just go throw your money away by any means. What I am talking about is you see something that touches your heart and you want to give do what your heart tells you. 

What people do with the money is on them, the kindness of (your) heart and what you do, is on you. I've been asked by friends how do I know the money I give actually goes to the cause I give to and my answer to them is, "I did what my heart told me to do." I can't control the hearts of others but I gave with a pure loving heart and that's all that matters to me and God."

If we could spread kindness as easy as we do a cold and the flu the world would be wonderful!

Bless you and all those lives you will touch,

Susan Boston

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