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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Parenting By Our Government

Parenting By Our Government 

First Major Step

Is parenting something our government should be doing? Over the years there have been laws and rightly so, however when do laws become an unnecessary intrusion of rights by a parenting government? I am a firm believer in seatbelts, they have saved my life a couple of times actually. The thing is, why does the government have the right to demand we wear them? Many of our rights are being oppressed all in the name of, "It's what is good for you." Seatbelt laws were frowned upon by those that felt that it was just the start of losing our rights. I must say I concur with that assessment. 

Now you see signs saying, "No texting or talking while driving." I can't really comment on the texting because I'll admit, I have no clue as to how someone can even accomplish that while driving. 

It's the talking part that bothers me. If I can't talk on my phone, who's to say down the legal road somewhere I can't talk to a passenger in my car?" Now, I know the theory here is, it distracts you if you are talking on a phone so you can't do it, right? But, so does turning on your radio will that eventually be against the law as well? Talking to the person in the car with you is a distraction as well, so down the legal road, will there be a law you can't talk to them either? 

What I am getting at here is yes, of course, we want people to be safe, but we also don't want our government dictating our personal lives. I believe it was in New York they are making up a law where you can't text while walking! While your walking? Is it me or isn't that just a bit over the top? You have to watch what ban wagon you jump on because once you give up one freedom, you are opening the door for extended freedoms to be taken as well. 

My God bless you and all the lives you touch every day.


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