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Susan Boston

I am a Christian, wife, mother and grandmother. Biologically I'm an only child but spiritually I am a sister to the world. I am a champion of the underdog. I believe in love, kindness and humanity. I know that God exists as does Evil.

I am an Ordained Minister as well as holding a Doctorian of Divinity. I find that although physical churches are a wonderful gathering places for people they can also be a source of complacency. My theology is God's grace should be lived day by day and not grandfathered in on pre-ordained days of the week. It also might add to the illusion of natural selection of those going to Heaven. There are many church going people that are not Christians or spiritual yet have the illusion they will go to Heaven by going to church. The Church House is just a gathering place, in truth each one of us is actually the church, not the building we gather in to worship.

Although I am a Christian believing in goodness; I also believe when faced with wrong or evil we must gird our loins and fight it with all our might. 

I would like to invite you to follow my blog Child Like Spirit. Feel free to comment but do not put down other religious beliefs regardless of how you feel about them, no racism, and nothing vulgar.

May you bless all those souls you meet each day,

Susan Boston       

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